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Harissa marinated Pork Chop

With harissa roasted new potatoes and whipped Feta

Pork chop with a nice fat cap

1 Tbsp of harissa paste (Rose Harissa is nice).

1Tbsp Olive oil

500g New Potatoes

2 Tbsp Harissa

2 Tbsp olive oil

1 Tbsp Chimicurri Rojo – Recipe here

50g softened salted butter

Handful fresh mint

Handful Walnuts

1) If you’re doing the Roast potatoes then set the BBQ for off-set indirect 200c

2) While the BBQ is heating up, mix all the Harissa paste and olive oil to make a thin paste. Then spread 1/3 over the pork chops. Also, mix the Chimichurri and butter well then place in the fridge to chill

3) Half the potatoes and boil them in salted water for 10 mins before draining and leaving to steam dry for 5 mins.

4) Mix another 1/3 of the the olive oil and Harissa with the potatoes in a small oven proof dish\cast iron pan. Put some smoke wood on the bbq (I used Cherry) and place the potatoes on for 30 mins, turning occasionally.

5) While that’s happening you can make the Whipped Feta

6) When Potatoes are finished, its time to put the pork chops on. Place them over the direct side of the coals (you can take the Potatoes off and keep them hot in the oven if its easier). Grill the Pork chops for a couple of mins on each side until internal reaches 63c.

7) Now for the fun part! Lay the chops on top of each other, grab them both together with your tongs and place them fat side down over the coals. This will spit and flare up, which is exactly what you want. Do that for a minute, making sure there’s an even char along the fat.

8) Place the chops onto a board and lay a slice/tbsp of the Chimichurri butter on top while they rest.

9) Finish the hot roasted potatoes with the last of the Harissa paste and mix well.

10) Serve the chops and potatoes with the whipped feta, along with the Mint and Walnut salad