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My Story

I’ve been cooking as a hobby more and more since the mid-2000s. BBQ has become more of a thing since 2016. My father used to love my ribs, which I used to take with me pre-cooked to family BBQs (then finish them on the coals). They weren’t great ribs compared to what I do now, but my dad loved them. It was great to get the feedback from the rest of the family which gave me confidence. He passed away in 2016 so he never got to try the ribs I do now, which is a shame, but I often think of him when I cook them.

Now I cook all the time on a range of BBQs and love to post what I produce on Insta. The BBQ community on there is amazing, with so much positivity and creativity from some amazing accounts. This has fuelled my creativity and passion, which kept me sane in the tough times. I’m always posting to Instagram, so please go and check out all my cooks here


I own a range of BBQs, from Pellet smokers to Firepits, and they all have their purpose (that’s how I convince the wife anyway!), the Kamado Joe is always my go to. I’ll post the pros and cons to my BBQs soon.