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You’ve all seen me post plenty of content using Dan’s salts, they’re a staple in much of what I cook these days. Dan’s also helped support my account with plenty of shout outs over the past couple of years, so I wanted to repay the favour on here.

I’ve listed some pics of the many cooks I’ve done with his salts – not only would I not do a steak without a sprinkle of Truffle salt, I put his lemon salt into every Pesto I make – The Lemon salt also works great in a Chimichurri.

Check out his website: Sea Crack

Dan’s story

In March 2020 we were ordered to go into lockdown and at the peak of the pandemic, we introduced into the world our beautiful daughter, Sienna. I (Dan) was lucky enough to be on furlough at this time to experience and bond with our new born. After 7 weeks, I was asked to come back to work but with reduced hours due to the effects of Covid, so this is when Sea Crack was born!

My first plan was originally to do spices, herbs and rubs but then I was pointed in the different types of Sea Salt, which I have never heard of before, so thought “This is it!” Now we have an amazing range, from our best sellers; Black Truffle and Hawaiian Black Flakes to Himalayan and Onion salt, where you can all buy in one place with most of which you can’t buy easily in shops!

What feels like a big operation is actually all done at home as a family. My wife, Jo helps me put labels on the jars and helps me keep up with the paperwork. I, myself, do the buying, sales, Social Media and the sending of parcels.

The Goal

Our aim this year is to keeping adding to the range as we grow, especially the quirky sea salts you can’t buy in supermarkets. We also aim to get into many shops this year. We have big plans for Sea Crack. We want everyone to have heard of Sea Crack and already just by word of mouth, we are getting our name out there very quickly; all thanks to you guys!

We aim to bring the best premium quality salt you can buy all from one place, whilst at the same time getting the best possible deal we can offer you guys. We also offer free delivery over £20, throw a free sticker in with every order and if you spend over £20 we give you a free wooden salt scoop.

Final Thoughts

We would like to thank each and everyone for your support since we started this journey, and if you are new to Sea Crack, we believe we can supply you with the some of best sea salt you have ever had, so you can put your trust in our products, service and quality. We look forward to seeing all your “cracking” food photos on Instagram and Facebook and we can’t wait to see what the future holds. #SeaCrackCrew

Dan & Jo

Sea Crack