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Little Flame Hot Sauces

I really wanted to do a piece on Aiden and Carla at Little Flame Hot Sauces, I was lucky enough to receive from sauces from them to try out, which I’m really grateful for. Not only are their sauces great they’re also local to me in Lincoln, so I really wanted to give them a big shout out to say thanks!

Here’s their website if you fancy trying some for yourself Artisan hot sauce | Little Flame Hot Sauce ( Please also checkout Aidan’s story below, where talks about how their company came to life.

Steve Stark

I was introduced to these great sauces by Steve @SteveStarkDesigns, who created their great labels. Please check out his Website or Insta page if you need a design or logo!

Aidan’s story

I’d made basic homemade Louisiana style sauces for a while before staring to experiment with fermentation. It was Run Amok, our Green Chili and Herb Sauce that kickstarted it into a brand.

I’d been trying to replicate a sauce that my fiancé Carla described having on her travels in South East Asia. In a case of mistaken identity, I’d tried replicating the wrong thing, but from that Amok was born. We gave some away as presents to friends Christmas 2020 and the response convinced us we could sell them.

It was important to us that they were not just vegetarian but vegan friendly as well, as we think that they should be enjoyable to as many people as possible. They go great with meats, cheese, veggie and vegan alternatives or even just as a dip for crisps.

We chose the name Little Flame as a play on my own name, Aidan. Aidan or Aedan in Old Irish means little fire or little flame.

It’s been a fun year and a bit. One of the things we love is that we are small batch. This allows us to make tweaks and improvements from batch to batch and to test new flavours and ideas.