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Blackberry Whisky

This is a cracking drink to pull out at Christmas time, or straight away if you’ve used last year’s berries. Super easy to make, cheap and delicious, and makes a change from using blackberries just for crumbles. The recipe below is based on a 3L jar, its all about ratios, I just measured as I went so I had a recipe on file.

The first time you make this I recommend you make two batches, one to enjoy this year and one for the next. The results are still great if you leave between now and Christmas, but even better if you can leave them steeping all year until the next berry harvest. When next year comes, drain this year’s berries and re-stock with fresh crop for the following year, and so on.

My only other advice is buy good Whisky, but not great Whisky, you need decent alcohol content and it the finished product will be better the nicer the base Whisky. That said, please don’t be splashing out on expensive stuff, there’s a special place in hell for people who mix Single Malts with berries!

1.3kg blackberries

1.4L Whisky

500g sugar

1. Clean the spring lid Kilner type jar thoroughly and dry.

2. Fill the jar with washed and dried Blackberries to 1/2 full (approx 1.3kg).

3) Pour in the sugar to 1/2 way up the Blackberries (that’s why you dry them – approx 500g).

4) Pour in 1.4l Whisky (I actually used 2x700m bottles), if you have a 1.5l bottle that’ll be fine, the recipe is forgiving.

5) Shake well and leave for a few days, then shake daily until the sugar has dissolved.

Batch 1 – Christmas this year

6) Leave until as close to Christmas day as you dare, the longer the better. Drain and pour into clean swing top bottles.

Batch 2 – Christmas next year

7) Leave the berries until July/August next year. Drain and pour into swing top bottles.

8) Store bottles until Christmas (or drink straight away :)).

9) Replenish jar with fresh berries and repeat for the following year.

Don’t forget to make use of the soaked berries! They’re great as a boozy topping on vanilla Ice cream (great for getting grandma drunk at Christmas), or make a BBQ/hot sauce with them.